Genevieve Marais Integrative & Holistic Therapy Practitioner

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Healing Arts Practitioner

My professional background is focused on the holistic and integrative health of the individual.

I have had an interest in physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual wellbeing and healing since as long as I can remember. It just seemed to be a natural path that I have always gravitated towards and continue to be drawn to embrace. As an adult, entering the world of work and embracing a world of relational contact with others on many different levels, I became more and more aware of how 'relationship' with self and other directly impacted one's body on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. This led me to consider the significance of living and interacting with self and other from a level of consciousness. Through this awareness I was able to recognise the impact interactions with others had on my body, mentally, spiritually, emotionally; and consciously work with these elements in order to further integration, innerpeace and harmony within my own unique system.

As a result, I began to appreciate the importance of holding a conscious awareness of how energy and energy forces interact and impact us all. Learning to understand and respect the Divine Energy Force is vital to experiencing myself , others and the world as something much more than our human bodies and physical environment. It is an opportunity to recognise and feel a connectedness with self and other; and acknowledge that we are all interwoven in the divine web of life. This realisation supports me to work with Divine Energy from a place of humility and respect, and trust that as a facilitator of healing I can surrender to the Divine Energy that transcends all knowledge, wisdom, knowing and trust it to flow to where it is most needed. Consequently, this experience produces dramatic transformations that are healing on many levels and are subsequently positively life changing.

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